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Welcome to my blog that takes you from pages to places. Come and discover some quirky, little-known, or loose-but-relevant links from books to places around the world. You might even like to add a book suggestion of your own to the topic.

28 February 2019 | Uncategorized


After three years of writing my blog, I have decided to close it for the time being. I hope you will all continue to gain much pleasure from reading and will have many travel adventures of your own. My warmest thanks to everyone who has subscribed.    Diana

  1. So sorry you’ve gone into suspension. Will have to hear of your travels first hand in future. Happy travels and happy reading.

  2. Hi Diana,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful and extremely fascinating and inspiring Pages to Places blog. Since returning from our travels to Canada in 2017 your blog has been a great source of information and motivator for John and I to seek out and enjoy even more of what the world has to offer. We travelled to Europe last September and October and we were so pleased that we were able to visit many of the places mentioned in your past blogs. Hungary,Germany, France and we even squeezed in a visit to London. All wonderful.Thank you so much again. We I sincerely hope that ‘for the time being’ means we will possibly see you back blogging again in the not too distant future.
    Warmest regards
    Lorraine and John

    1. Sounds like you’ve been doing some great travelling, too, Lorraine and John. Our paths might yet cross again.

  3. In the mean time I will reread the Pages to Places blog!

    Thanks, Diana for introducing me to so many fascinating places. It was lovely to share your travel adventures.

  4. Sorry to discover this form of armchair travel is finishing for now.
    Happy reading (and travelling)

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