Diana Lawrenson

— Writer —

Guide Dogs from puppies to partners

Allen & Unwin

Shortlisted, Children’s Book of the Year Awards, CBCA

Shortlisted, Henry Berg Awards USA 

Find out about the breeding of guide dogs and the care of newborn puppies. When does training start? What does a young dog need to learn? Discover how a dog is matched to its handler and how they learn to work together to form a very special bond.

Where did the idea for Guide Dogs from puppies to partners come from?

Felix developed arthritis after working as a guide dog for four years. He was retired early and came to us through our state guide dog centre. If I burned the chops for dinner and accidentally set off the smoke alarm, Felix would rush into the kitchen and butt me away from the griller. It made me wonder what he’d been trained to do…and how.