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30 March 2018 | Austria, Salzburg


The fair has been held annually for some 700 years and by chance weSalzburg arrived in Salzburg when celebrations for St Rupert’s Day were in full swing.

Numerous stalls in the Old Town Square were selling schnitzels, sausages, beer and gingerbread. Nearby Café Fürst traded on its hundred year history of Paul Fürst creating the original Mozart balls of marzipan, ground nuts covered with chocolate.

While Rupert is the patron saint of Salzburg, Mozart is Salzburg’s son. Reams have been written about and by him. The third floor apartment of the renovated mediaeval house where he was born is now a museum that has expanded to include other floors of the premises. His own instruments and other memorabilia of his life are displayed along with playful letters he wrote to his mother and sister while he was away on tour with his father.

It’s sobering to know only two of Leopold and Anna Maria Mozart’s seven children — Wolfgang Amadeus and his sister Maria Anna, known as Nannerl, survived. Since both were gifted, you can’t help wondering what the siblings who died might have been like musically. It’s also sobering to discover the Mozart family lived in this one bedroom apartment for over twenty years before moving to a very much larger apartment in the Dance Master’s House across the river, now also a Mozart museum. A room there is dedicated to Mozart’s two sons.

We brought home a collection of Mozart balls. Delicious, yes, but a transient pleasure. It’s Mozart’s music that endures.



  • Mozart Letters translated by Lady Wallace
  • Mozart: A Life by Paul Johnson (a concise account)
  • Mozart’s Women: His Family, His Friends, His Music by Jane Glover
  • Who was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? by Yona Zeldis (for children)


  1. As always, what an interesting post. I last visited Salzburg when I was 21, I took a photo of the building as you have and enjoyed some Austrian food, but you have gained so much more.

    1. All cities change, Corinne https://corinnefenton.com , and yet it’s always a surprise to re-visit them and find they have, isn’t it. Chance can really enhance a day, too.

  2. Always enjoy your ever interesting articles Diana. Thank you

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by, Jenny. Lovely to hear from you.

  3. Thanks, Diana for another wonderful post. I look forward each month to reading what you have written. Perhaps one day you will put all your posts together in a book. They are diverse and even if they take me to places I have travelled to there is always something that I learn.

    1. The joy of travel is discovery, isn’t it, Elise, https://elisemccune.com Thanks for visiting.

  4. Thank you for taking me back for a ‘mental mini visit’ to Salzburg and Mozart’s house.

    1. Happy to bring back memories for you, Pauline. https://paulineluke.com.au

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